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 Registered Factories - Jamaican Standard Specification for Processed Food (General) JS 36: 1991 and the Processed Food Act, 1959:


As at January 28, 2015 the following food processing establishments are REGISTERED with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica as required by the Jamaican Standard Specification for Processed Food (General) JS 36: 1991 and the Processed Food Act, 1959:


No.  Establishment                                                                    Products                                                                            
1 3 Star Pure Jamaican Chocolate Tea Chocolate Tea
2 A Taste of the Caribbean Ltd Jerk Seasoning, Jerk sauce, Jerk Marinade, Syrup, Vinegar, Ketchup, Sauces, Condiments, Confectionery, Salad Dressings
3 A/S Enterprise Ltd Bag Drink
4 All P's Bakery Bakery Products
5 All Pure Water Store Purified Reverse Osmosis Water,Purified Steamed- Orstilled Water, Purified Party Ice
6 All Season Juices All season fruit juices, bag juice, nutrimone and nutri bag pak milk
7 Allan Nature Juice Bag Drink, Fruit Juices, Magnum, Soy Mag
8 Allen's Smoked Products Smoke Marlin, Fish Fillet, Smoke Chicken, Marlin Spread
9 AML Bakery Ltd Baked Products
10 Any Snacks Distributors Peanuts, Shrimps, Almonds,Saltfish (Snacks)
11 Appleton Estate Rum & Sugar
12 Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd Fish  
13 Arosa Limited Hams, Bacon, Sausages, Process meats  
14 Ashman Food Products Ltd Canned Ackees, Canned Callaloo, Pepper Sauces, Tomato Ketchup, Jams, Jellies, Chutneys, Seasoning
15 Associated Manufacturers Ltd Sauces, Seasonings, Jams, Jellies, Condiments
16 Aunt Jen's Tamarind & More Tamarind Balls
17 Aunt Lola's Jerk Sauce Limited Jerk Seasoning
18 B&D Trawling Limited Seafood
19 B.A.Y.z Herbs and Spices Plantain Porridge Mix, Banana Porridge Mix, Instant Sorrel Mix, Cinnamon Powder, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Powder, Pumpkin Powder
20 Baking Enterprises (1988) Ltd Bread (Rolls, Burger Buns) Coconut Bread, Spiced Bun, Bullas (regular & ginger) Cheese bread
21 Barco Caribbean Limited Bottled Water
22 Bare Nutrition Co. Limited Beverages: Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Passionfriut, Guava Pineapple
23 Bay Juices Juices (Concentrates)
24 Belcour Preserves Ltd Preserves (Fruit), Pepper Jam, Chuineys, Pepper Sauces
25 Berbeck Enterprise Coconut Water
26 Best Dressed Chicken Processing Plant Broilers and broiler meat (whole, cut & deboned), as well as mechanically separated chicken
27 Best Dressed Futher Processing Facility Processing of beef, chicken, fish, pork, mutton, shrimp
28 BETAPAC Limited Spices
29 Bethel Town Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd Sorrel Drink
30 Better Taste Bakery Baked Products
31 Big Quench Juices Bag Drink, Bag Juices, Bottle Juices and Drinks
32 Big Squeeze Beverages Ltd Bag Drink and Bag Water
33 Big T Bakery Breads
34 Bitesize Foods Coconut Drops, Peanut Cake, Grater Cake, Jackass Corn & Jamaican Bullas
35 Blake's Pastry Gizzarda and Rock Bun
36 Bonfire Farms Ltd Coconut Water, Banana Chips & Plantain Chips
37 Boonununus Sweet Treats Coconuts Products (Treats)
38 Broadway Enterprise T/A Broadway Bakery Breads, Buns, Cakes etc.
39 Bryan's Bee Honey Honey
24 Cal's Manufacturing Limited Syrups, Ketchup, Real Vibes Party Wine, Fruit wine, Bulk Wine, Lime Juice, Vinegar, Bag Drink
  Canco Limited Canned Ackee, Canned Callaloo, Canned Fruits, Canned Soup, Canned Peasin coconut milk, Jams & Jellies
25 Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances Limited Flavours
26 Carleston Products Bammies
27 Central Bakery Baked Products
28 Champion Entertainment ltd Bottling of Lime Juices & Molasses
29 Chang's Pastries Baked Products
30 Cherry Homemade Bammy Bammy, Cassava Flour
31 Chocolate Expression Chocolate
32 Chucks Bakery Breads, Buns and Bullas
33 Circle B Juices Coconut Water
34 CJ Export / Import & Manufacturing Curry Powder, Salt Mackerel, Corned Pork & Pig Tail
35 CML & Associates Ltd Coconut Water, Natural Juices\ Juices
36 Coconut Industry Board Coconut Water, Drops, Grater Cake, Gizzarda, Potato Pudding
37 Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Limited Roasted Coffee Beans
38 Colfield Manufacturing Limited Box Drink, Bottle Drink & Bag Drink
39 Cool - Di - Sun
Bag Drink
40 Cool Sip Juice Depot Bag Drinks & Bulla
41 Corner Top Distributors
Bottled Spring Water
42 Coronet Holdings Ltd T/A Sovereign Supermarket Baked Products & Rotisserie Chicken & Pork
43 Cost Club Limited - Montego Bay Baked Products & Rotisserie
44 Cost Club Limited - Portmore Baked Products & Rotisserie
45 Cost Club Limited - Waterloo Baked Products & Rotisserie
46 Cost Club Ltd - Manchester Baked Products & Rotisserie
47 Crystal Bakery Limited Baked Products
48 Crystal Pure Water Store Purified Water
49 Custom Foods Flavoured Drink & Bottled Coconut Water
50 D. Rattary & Son Distributor Nuts & Snacks
51 D. W. People's Choice Baked Products
52 D.A.T's Sweet Cakes & Gizzarda
53 Dairy Industries (Jamaica) Ltd Canned Chesse, Vacuum Packed Cheese, Cheese Spread, Yogurt, Powered Milk
54 Daromale` International Trading Ja. Ltd Herbal Tonic
55 Davechi's Pastries Confectionery, Cakes, Juices, Drinks & Baked Products
56 Dawn's Natural Products Peel Cane, Cane Juice
57  DCG & Co Jamaica  Pimento Leaf Oil
58  Debz Foods Limited  Soy Ice Cream & Sorbet
59  Denny's Bakery  Hand Buns
60  Diamond Ice Co Ltd  Party Ice
61  Divine Government of Mother Tafari Rastafari  Roots Tonic, Tofu & Cane Juice
62  Don Jay Enterprise Limited  Purified Bottled Water
63  Double Deuce Jamaica Ltd  Canned Ackees & Canned Callaloo in Brine
64  Dr. Lushus Limited  Baked Products
65  Duncans Bakery  Baked Products
66  Easispice Manufacturing Ltd  Seasonings
67  EC's Koconuts Ltd  Confectionery, Tamarind Balls, Coconut Sweets& Ginger Sweets
68  Edward Seow & Sons Ltd  Rotisserie Chicken
69  Entertainment Foods Nuts, Honey, Peanuts, Local Almonds & Cashew
70  Everglades Farms - Hampden Division  Rum
71  Flagstaff Bakery  Baked Products
72  Flower Hill Producers Co-operative Society Ltd  Bammies
73  Fun In Di Sun Bag Juice  Bag Juice
74  Future Bakery t/a Dolci Ja. Ltd  Breads, Pizza Dough, Cakes and Danish
75 GK Foods & Services Ltd - National Processors  Noodles Soups, Drink Mixes, Porridge Mixes & Textured Vegetable Protein Mixes with Seasoning
76  Glenleigh  Herbal Juices, Capsules, Coconut Water & Teas
77  Golden Grove Sugar Company  Raw Sugar and Molasses
78  Golden Loaf Baking Co Ltd  Baked Products
79  Golden Waffles  Waffles
80 Goodman Enterprises Limited t/a Better Bite Bakery  Baked Products
81 Goodman Enterprises Limited t/a Park View Supermarket  Rotisserie Chicken & Pork
82  Goshen Manufacturing & Distributors  Jams, Jellies, Vinegar, Ketchup & Sauces
83  Grace Food Processors (Canning) Bottled Juices & Drink, Pouch Juices & Drink, Canned Juices, canned Vegetables, Ketchup & Purified Water
84  Greenwich Mountain Estate Ltd  Coffee and Coffee Beans
85  Hammond's Bakery  Baked Products
86  Hammond's Pastry Place -  Great George Street  Baked Products
87  Hammond's Pastry Place - Beckford Street  Baked Products
88  Hammond's Pastry Place - Grange Hill  Baked Products
89  Happy's Bakery  Baked Products
90  Harris and Gayle  Seasonings
91  High Street Bakery Ltd  Baked Products
92  Hi-Lo Food Stores - Manor Park  Rotisserie Chicken, Pork  & Sausage
93  Hi-Lo Food Stores - Negril  Rotisserie Chicken
94  Hi-Lo Food Stores - Ocho Rios  Rotisserie Chicken
95  Hi-Lo Food Stores - Pavilion  Rotisserie
96  Hi-Lo Food Stores - Portmore  Rotisserie Chicken & Sausage and Seasoned Meats
97  Hiria's Cakes and Things  Cakes and Muffins cookies and Pastries
98  I Quench F.C. Enterprise  Bag Drinks
99  Icy Cool (Successors) Ltd  Bag Drinks
100  Igor Pastry  Baked Products
101  IMPACT Limited  Fruit Plates, Fruit Cups & Fruit Juices
102  International Biscuits Limited  Cookies & Crackers
103  Intershores Limited (Tastee) Patties, Coco Breads, loaves & Cocktail Patties
104  Irvings Exotic Juice  Natural Juices
105  Island Dairies Ltd  Juices, Drinks and Ice Cream
106  Island Fruit Snacks & Desserts  Sorbet
107  Island Spice Ltd  Spices & Flavourings
108  Island Treats  Baked Products
109  Island Yah  Bottled Juices and Drinks
110  Ivy C Bakery  Hand Buns
111  J.O.V Bakery  Baked Products
112  Jacks Master Bakery  Baked Products
113  JahBless Juices  Bag Drink
114  Jam Bess  Bag Juice
115  Jamaica Beverages Limited Citrus Concentrates, Friut Juices, Drink & Squashes, Milk & Milk Based Products
116  Jamaica Flour Mills Limited  Flour and Bakery Mixes
117  Jamaica Grain & Cereals Limited  Cornmeal, Corn Products and Cereals
118 Jamaica Marketing Products Limited  Vinegar
119 Jamaica Scientific Research Institute Ltd  Herbal Tea Drinks and Tea Bags
120 Jamaica Spring Water Company Ltd  Bottled Spring Water
121  Jamaica Standard Products Co. Limited  Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee
122  Jamaica Teas Ltd  Tea Bags
123  Jamaican Reggae Foods  Jams
124  Jud's & Maine's Peanut Brittle  Peanut Brittle & Tamarind Balls
125  Juici Beef Limited  Baked Products
126  Juicy West Juices  Bag Drink
127  Jus Foods Limited  Baked Products
128  K & K Pastries  Baked Products
129  K.R.B Lea Jamaica Rums Limited  Rum
130  Kay and Jay Banana Chips  Banana Chips
131  Kellys Homemade Pepper Jelly  Pepper Jelly
132  Kleen Manufacturing Koncepts  Purified Bottled Water
133  Kountry Kool Ventures Ltd  Roots Drink, Non Carbonated Drink
134  L & M Pastries Toto, Plantain Tarts, Gizzardas & Coconut Rock Cakes
135  Lama Service Company Ltd  Syrups
136  LASCO Manufacturing Limited  Packaged Powdered Food & Drink Products
137  Lee Kee & Co.  Tofu
138  Lillan Limited  Pickled Mackerel & Packaging of Grains
139  Lincoln Gordon & Sons  Natural Spices & Seasonings
140  Loverose Natural Products Gizzardas, Coconut Drops, Coconut Tarts Peanut Drops, Grater Cake, Pudding, Peanut Drops
141  Mango Valley Wines & Liquors Mango, Papaya, Sorrel, Ginger, Pineapple & Cherry Wines
142 Marje Manufacturing & Marketing Co. Ltd  Confectionaries and Peanut Brittles
143  Marsha's 100% Honey  Honey
144  Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Ltd  Green Beans & Grounded Coffee
145  Maxfield Bakery & Pastries Ltd  Baked Products
146  Meb's Gizzardas  Gizzardas
147  Mello Bammies  Bammies
148  MEL's  Ginger Beer, Ginger Flavoured Drink
149  Michael Black Farms Ltd  Coconut Oil
150  Micsan Enterprise  Bread Crumbs, Honey & Molasses
151  Miracle Water (colloidal Silver)  Mineral Water
152  Miss DZZ Natural Juice  Pumpkin, Beet Root Juice
153  MKS Foods Limited  Banana Chips
154  Modi- Vivendi Limited  Herbs & Spices, Tea Bags
1550 Mother's Bakery at Retirement Road  Baked Products
156 Mountain Peak Food Processors Ltd  Canned Beans, Vinegar, Ketchup 7 canned Juices
157 Musson Food Factory  Canned Irish Moss Drinks, Strongback Drink, Carrot Juice, Fruit Punch,  Baked, Broad and Butter Beans, Whole Kernel Corn, Mixed Vegetables, Green Peas, and Semola
158  Musson Jamaica Ltd - Acme Division  Spices
159  N & N Distributors  Bag Drink, Bag Juices, Bottle Juices & Bottle Drink
160  Natural Grove Bakery  Baked Products
161  Nature Field Company Ltd  Coconut Water
162  Nature's Vibe  Ice Tea
163  Negril Roots Co. Limited  Cane Juice, Lemon Ice Tea, Roots Tonic Wine, Bottling of Honey & Molasses
164  New Building Multipurpose Co-opt  Bammies
165  Nico Harrison & Son  Herbal Drinks
166  Norsai Enterprise Ltd  Canned Ackeed in Brine, frozen Foods & Pepper
167  Nutrition Products Limited- Annotto Bay  Baked Products, Flavoured Drink & Cherry Milk
168  Nutrition Products Limited- Kingston  Baked Products, Flavoured Drink & Milk
169  Nutrition Products Ltd- Wesmoreland  Baked Products, Flavoured Drink & Flavoured Milk
170  Oils Bakery & Snack Counter  Baked Products
171  Old Habour Bay Progressive Bakery  Baked Products
172  Old MacDonald Farms Ltd  Processed Meats
173  Ovens Eat  Baked Products
174  P.A. Benjamin Mfg. Co. Ltd  Flavouring, Sauces & Seasonings
175  Paramount Bakery  Baked Products
176  Peak Bottling Company Limited - Cold Spring  Bottled Spring Water
177  Peak Bottling Company Limited -Derrymore  Bottled Spring Water
178  Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Bottling Co. Ltd  Bottled Water, Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Beverages
179  Perishables Jamaica Limited  Herbal Tea Bags
180  Philgor Holdings Ltd  Purified Water
181  Pioneer Meat Products Ltd  Frankfurter, Bacon, Ham, Salami, Bologna, Jerk Sausage, Pepperoni, Chicken Slices, Country Style Bacon, Smoked Pork Loin, Smoked Chicken & Breakfast Sausage
182  Pioner Chocolate Company Limited  Cocoa Products, Chocolates, Icing Suga & Syrup
183  Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd - JR's Bargain World Linstead   Seasoned,  Unseasoned Meats
184  Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd - Junction   Packaging of Seasoned,  Unseasoned Meats & Rotisserie Chicken
185  Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd- Brunswick  Packaging of seasoned & Unseasoned Meats
186  Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd- Burke Road  Packaging of seasoned & Unseasoned Meats
187  Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd- Portmore  Seasoned,  Unseasoned Meats & Rotisserie Chicken
188  Quality Honey  Honey and Wax
189  Quest Star Country Style Limited  Bottled fruit Juice & Roots Wine
190  Rainforest Seafoods Ltd  Fish, Beef, Pork, Turkey & Other Seafoods
191  Ramble Enterprises Ltd  Pasteurized Milk and purified Bottled Water
192  Rastafari Spicy Peanut Products  Cut Cake, Wine Cake, Peanut Bread, Peanut Cronches, Peanut Bun Drops, Salted Peanut, asham & other Peanut Products
193  Red Rose Baking Depot  Baked Products
194  Redi Fresh Bakery  Baked Products
195  Reggae Max Limited  Baked Products
196  Rex Distributors Limited  Tomato Ketchup & Syrup
197  Richies Pastries  Bulla & Coconut Biscuits
198  Richview Marketing  Spices
199  Rock Farm  Chocolate Tea
200  Salada foods Jamaica Ltd  Coffee
201  Salmon's Pastry Plus  Baked Products
202  Sammi's Gourmet Treats  Jams
203  San San Banana Chips  Banana Chips
204  Santa Cruz Bakery & Restaurant Ltd  Baked Products
205  Scoops Unlimited Ltd  Ice Cream
206  Sea Spice Ltd  Smoked Marlin
207  Sherily's A Class Pastry  Baked Products
208  Sippity Sip  Bag Drink
209  SJS Imports and Exports  Pimento Leaf Oil Crude
210  Smith & Stewart Distributors  Ice Cream,  Ice Cream Cake, Bag Drink & Bag Water
211  Snack Blend  Jackass Corn, Tamarind Balls, Peanut Cakes, Coconut Drops, Fowl Toe, Bus-Mi-Jaw
212  So Veggie Jamaica  Packaged Vegetables and Foods
213  Soft Spot (Pastry) Bakery  Baked Products
214  South Park Bakery  Baked Products
215  Southside Distributors Ltd  Canned Ackkees in brine, Canned Pineapple Juice, Canned Tomato Juice, Syrup, Mango Nectar, Tomato Ketchup& Vinegar
216  Sovereign Supermarket  Baked Products & Rotisserie Chicken & Pork
217  Sphinx Enterprise  Honey & Molasses
218  Spicy Nice  Baked Products
219  Spike Industries Limited  Juices, Soy Drink, Juice Drinks & Water
220  St. Bess 100% Coconut Water  Coconut Water
221  St. Bess Preserves  Ginger Powder, Dried Thyme, Pepper flakes, Noni Juice, Friut Cake, Jamaican Vege-Mix and Callaloo juice
222  St. Jago Shop N Save Supermarket  Rotisserie Chicken, Cakes, Seasoned 7 Unseasoned Meats
223  St. James Bakery  Baked Products
224  St. John Bosco Children's Home  Meat Processing
225  Stanmark Processors Company Canned Ackees in Brine, Canned Breadfruit in Brine, Canned Callaloo in Brine, Jerk seasoning , Sauces, Peppers, Vegetable & Fruit juices, Jams, Jellies, Fruit slices, Chutney, Purees, Syrups & Ketchup 
226  Steve's Pastries  Baked Products
227  Summer Bounce  Bag Drink & Bottled Drink
228  Sunray Bakery  Baked Products
229  Super Valu Supermarket  Baked Products
230  Susie's Fine Baked Goods Ltd  Baked Products
231  Swaby's Farm  Bottled Coconut Water
232  SY Food Industries Ltd  Snacks
233  Tan Tan's Bakery Baked products
234  Tasty Treat Baked products
235  Tenco Banana Chips  Banana Chips
236  The Cake Shoppe  Baked Products
237  The Captain's Bakery Limited - May Pen  Baked Products & Grilled Products
238  The Captain's Bakery Limited - Ocho Rios  Baked Products & Grilled Products
239  The Captain's Bakery Limited - Orange Street (Downtown)  Baked Products
240  Tonirose Limited  Bottled Honey
241  Ton-Rick Enterprises Ltd  Conch & Lobster Products
242  Top Loaf Bake Shops Ltd  Baked Products
243   Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake Ja. Ltd  Rum Cakes & Ice Cream
244 Totally Delicious Bakery  Products
245  Trade Winds Citrus Ltd  Beverages & Concentrates
246  Trelawny Delight  Bag Drink
247  Tripple C Manufacturing Ltd  Beverages
248  Tropical All Natural  Bammy and Cassava
249  Turner Motivated Roots  Herbal Drink
250  Tyco Food Limited  Lime Juice, Vanilla, Browning, Solomon Grundy, Vinegar & Ketchup
251  UL Manufacturing Company Ltd  Browning, Jerk Seasoning, Sauces & Syrup
252  Unique Organic Products  Curry powder, Packaged Dry Fever Grass, Cerasee, Dandelion
253  Value Maufacturing Co. Ltd  Ice Cream, Rum Cream & Syrup
254  Vergram's Natural Products  Coconut Drops, Coconut Peanut Drops,  Pineapple Tart, Coconut Tart, Apple Tart, Coconut Almond Drops, Peanuts Drops, Almond Drops, Gizzadas, Grater Cake, Toto, Jackass Corn, Banana bread, Cornmeal  pudding, Sweet potato pudding ,  Duckunoo & Bulla
255  Victory Bakery  Baked Products
256  Virginia Dare Jamaica Ltd  Syrups, Fruit Cordials, Flavouring, Food Colouring and Sport (Concentrated Mix)
257  White Hall Aparies  Honey & Bee Pollen
258  Williams Pastry  Gizzardas, Coconut drops, Pink on Top, Natural & Ginger Bulla& Coconut Biscuits
259  Worthy Park Estate Limited Distillery  Distilled & Aged Alcohol



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