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Bureau of Standards Jamaica Bureau of Standards JamaicaBureau of Standards Jamaica

 Registrered Factories - Jamaican Standard Specification for Processed Food (General) JS 36: 1991

As at July 29, 2013, the following food processing establishments are REGISTERED with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica as required by the Jamaican Standard Specification for Processed Food (General) JS 36: 1991:
No.  Establishment Address Products
1 3 Star Pure Jamaican Chocolate Tea Paradise, Montego Bay, St. James Chocolate Tea
2 A & D Pastry 28 Hargreaves Avenue, Mandeville Baked Products
3 A & D’s  Bakery 1G, James Warehouse, Mandeville, Manchester Baked Products
4 A & D’s Delights Oracabessa, St. Mary Peanut Cake
5 Ace Quality Blends 76 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 16 Juices
6 Aguavalle Beverages Limited Boscobel, St. Mary Purified Water and Bag Juice
7 All P’s Bakery Highgate, St. Mary Baked Products
8 All Pure Water Store 6 South Avenue, Shop #3, Kingseton 10 Purified Water and Ice
9 AML Bakery Limited 25 Main Street, Port Maria, St. Mary Baked Products
10 Amtrim Coconut Water 34 Hartford Drive, Villmore, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Bottled Coconut Water
11 Anu Vibes Limited 14 June Road, Kingston Baked Products, Veggie Burgers and Veggie Balls
12 Aquaculture Jamaica Limited Barton, St. Elizabeth Tilapia Fish
13 Aunt Jen's Tamarind Balls Lot 85 New Haven Heights, Trelawny Tamarind Balls
14 Bacal Manufacturing Lacovia, St. Elizabeth Herbal Juice and Sauce
15 Baking Enterprise (1988) Limited  Russell Place, Williamsfield, Manchester Baked Products
16 Barco Caribbean Limited 1 Weymouth Close, P.O. Box 192, Kingston 20 Purified Drinking Water
17 Bare Nutrition Company Limited Ironshore, St. James Beverages
18 Bay Juices Shop 574 Peoples Arcade, Howard Cooke Blvd, Montego Bay, St. James Juice from Concentrate and Bottled Water
19 Belcour Preserves Limited SRC Pilot Processing Plant, Hope Gardens Chutneys and Preserves 
20 Berbeck Enterprise  Buck Heights, May Pen, Clarendon Bottled Coconut Water
21 Best Taste Pastries Limited 27A Seaward Drive Shop 18, Kingston 20 Baked Products
22 Betapac Limited Lot 20, Twickenham Park Industrial Estate, P.O. Box 657, Spanish Town P.O., St. Catherine Spices
23 Betta Taste Pastries Main Street, Chapleton, Clarendon   Baked Products
24 Better Bite Bakery  34 Deanery Road, Kingston 3 Baked Products
25 Better Taste Bakery Williams Field, Kirkvine, Manchester Baked Products
26 Beverley's Bakery Shop G6 James Warehouse Complex, Mandeville, Manchester Baked Products
27 Big Quench Elim, St. Elizabeth Bag Drink
28 Big Squeeze Beverages 18 Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann Bag Drinks and Bag Water
29 Bitesize Foods 2 Grants Pen Road , Kingston 8 Confectioneries
30 Blake's Pastries North Hampton, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
31 Bronte Farms Ebony Park Processing Facility, Ebony Park, Toll Gate P.O. Clarendon Sweet Pepper Relish
32 Brown's Coconut Drop 49 Baldwin Crescent, Duhaney Park, Kingston 20 Coconut Drops
33 Brown's Food & Beverage Bogue Hill, St. James Peanut Punch and Bottled Coconut Water
34 C & T Pastries 41 Kingston Lane, Fletcher's Land, Kingston Baked Products
35 C.C. Enterprises Limited 1 West Palm Avenue, Port Antonio, Portland Baked Products
36 Captain's Bakery Limited (The) 51 Main Street, May Pen Baked Products
37 Captain's Bakery Limited (The) Lot 26, Portmore Town Centre, Portmore, St. Catherine Baked Products
38 Captain's Bakery Limited (The) 35-37 St. James Street, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
39 Captain's Bakery Limited (The)  18 West Park Crescent, Mandeville, Manchester Baked Products
40 Captain's Bakery Limited (The)  2 Rennie Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Baked Products
41 Captain's Bakery Limited (The)  16c Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5 Baked Products
42 Captain's Bakery Limited (The)  Shop #17, 30 Dominica Drive, Kingston  5 Baked Products
43 Caribbean Flavors & Fragrances Limited 226 Spanish Town Road, St. Catherine Flavours and Fragrances
44 Caribbean Foods Limited Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Rolled Oats
45 Carleston Products 40 Greenvale Rd, Mandeville, Manchester Bammies
46 Cave River Farms Ironshore, St. James Bag Drink and  Bag Juices
47 Central Bakery Main St., Lucea, Hanover Baked Products
48 Champion Enterprises Limited 17 Begonia Lodge, Linstead, St. Catherine Lime Flavouring
49 Chang's Pastries Main Street, Frankfield, Clarendon Baked Products
50 Chevre Dairy Beverages,  Bogue Industrial Estate, Montego Bay, St. James Bag Juice
51 Chins Bakery Main Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Baked Products
52 Choice Syrup   Fustic Road, Montego Bay, St. James Bag Juice
53 Chuck’s Bakery 18 Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann Baked Products
54 Circle B Juices Polly Ground Ewarton, St. Catherine Coconut Water and Fruit Juices
55 Clarkes Honey 233 Hartfield  North, Ironshore White Sands P.O., St. James Honey
56 CM & Sons Confectionery Newport, Manchester Busta (Coconut Sweets)
57 Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Unit 3, 69-75 Constant Spring Road, Kgn 10  Coffee
58 Coldfield Manufacturing Limited 10 Deanery Road, Kingston 16 Juices
59 Coles Seafood and Poultry Farm District, Whitehouse, Westmoreland Seafood
60 Coleyville Bakery Limited Coleyville, Manchester Baked Products
61 Consolidated Bakery Limited 2f Valentine Drive, Kingston 19 Baked Products
62 Consumer Packaging Limited 76 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 13 Cooking Oil
63 Continental Baking Company Limited 43 Half Way Tree Road,  Kingston 5 Breads, Buns, Biscuits and Snacks
64 Cool Di Sun Stettin, Trelawny Bag Juices
65 Cool Sip Juice Depot Cherry Gardens Avenue, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Bag Juices and Baked Products
66 Corner Mountain Coffee Limited Moneague P.O. Coffee
67 Corner Top Distributors Colonel's Ridge, Clarendon  Bottled Spring Water
68 Coronation Bakery Lot 138, Bryan's Bay, Port Antonio, Portland Baked Products
69 Cost Club Limited t/a Mega Mart Wholesale Club Lot A-E, Portmore, St. Catherine Rotisserie Chicken, Pork and Baked Products
70 Cost Club Limited t/a Mega Mart Wholesale Club 101A-101B,Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
71 Country Spice Bath, Westmoreland Seasoning
72 Creation Foods  Kendal, Shooter Hill P.O. Box 15, Manchester Vegetarian Food Products
73 Crystal Bakery Limited 62 Main street, Ewarton P.O., St. Catherine Breads, Buns
74 D.P & S Industry 61e Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5 Bag Drink
75 Dain Dain & Company Limited 32-33 Mineral Heights, May Pen Flavoured Rum
76 Dairy Industries Jamaica Limited 111 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20 Cheese Products, Yogurt and Powdered Milk
77 Dairy Pack Limited (Caribbean Cream Limited) 3 South Road, Kingston 5 Ice-Cream
78 Dairy Queen Limited t/a Pete's 96D Molynes Road, Kingston 20 Baked Products
79 Dallas Castle Producers Cooperative Society Limited Dallas Castle P.O Gizzarda, Juices, Tamarind Balls, Chocolate Milk, Jams  and Jellies
80 Daromale International Trading Shop 3, 125 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 10 Drinks, Juices
81 Debz Foods Limited 99 Widcombe Road, Kingston 6 Soy Ice Cream  and Confectionary
82 Derbar Distributors 7 Games Avenue, Kingston 20  Noni Juice, Noni Sorrel Drink
83 Diamond Ridge Processors Spring Gardens, Buff Bay P.O., Portland Frozen sliced Roasted Breadfruit
84 Divine Government of Mother Tafari Rastafari Retrieve Cambridge, St. James. Roots Drink, Tofu, Tonics
85 Dolci Jamaica Limited t/a Future Bakery 104 Main street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Baked products
86 Don Jay Enterprise Limited Domes Plaza Unit 14-85, Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10 Purified Bottled Water
87 Duncan's Bakery Duncans, Trelawny Baked Products
88 Dunsy 76 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston (JBDC) Juices
89 D.Y.C Fishing Limited 23 Brentford road, Kingston 5 Seafood Products
90 DW People's Choice Withorn P.A., Westmoreland Baked Products
91 E & D Pastries Pimento Walk, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Gizzard, Pink on top and Drops
92 Easispice Manufacturers Limited Chantilly, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Seasoning and Spices
93 Econo Products Jamaica Limited Knockpatrick, Manchester Juices, Drinks and Ice Pops
94 EC's Koconutz Limited 51 York Main Road, Seafort, St. Thomas Busta Coconut Sweets, Honey ,Tamarind Balls and Coconut Oil
95 Eden's  Valley Limited Pollyground District,  Ewarton P.O., St. Catherine Vegetarian Foods
96 Evan's Callaloo Farm Red Bank District, St. Elizabeth Shredded callalloo
97 Everglades Farms Limited Hampden, Trelawny Rum
98 Everything Delicious Coleyville District, Coleyville P.O. Manchester Baked Products
99 Fantasy Treats 155 McKay Crescent, Fair Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Tamarind Balls, Peanut cake and Coconut drops
100 Farm Fresh Retreat, St. Mary Bottled Coconut Water
101 Flavorlan Limited 2 Olympic Way, Kingston 11 Food Flavours
102 Florishae Farms Fellowship Square, Fellowship District, Portland Seasoning Blends
103 Flower Hill Producer Co-operative Society Limited Flower Hill, St. James Bammy
104 Fruit Box (The) 2 Red Hills Road, Kingston 10 Prepackaged Fruit Salad and Natural Juices
105 Fun In D Sun Gordon District, Whitehouse, Westmoreland Bag Drink
106 Genteel Brands Manufacturing Company  SRC Pilot Plant, Hope Gardens, P.O. Box 350, Kingston 6 /1a Easton Avenue, Kingston 5 Repackaged Dried Spices
107 Glenleigh Highgate, St. Mary Noni
108 Golden Delight Dudley Crescent, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
109 Golden Grove Sugar Company Limited Duckensfield Golden Grove P.O., St. Thomas Sugar and Molasses
110 Golden Loaf Baking Company Limited 72 Main Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Baked products
111 Goodman Enterprises Limited t/a Parkview Supermarket - Rotisserie  7 Chandos Place, Kingston 6 Rotisserie Chicken and Pork
112 Gordon's Gizzadas Ballard's Valley, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
113 Grace Agro Processors Hounslow, St. Elizabeth Packaged Vegetables and Pepper Mash
114 Greenwich Mountain Estates Limited 1a South Camp Rd.  Kingston Coffee
115 Hammond's Pastry Place Shop #1 Nikki's Plaza, Grange Hill, Westmoreland Baked Products
116 Hammond's Pastry Place 18 Great George Street, Savanna La Mar Baked Products
117 Hammond's Pastry Place 54 Beckford Street, Savanna La Mar Baked Products
118 Hannasha Snacks Unit 5 and 4 JIDC Complex, White Marl , Spanish Town P.O, St. Catherine Snacks
119 Happy's Bakery Lititz, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
120 Harrison's Coolers Limited 55 Westminister Road, Kingston 10 Bag Water, Bag Drink
121 Heavenly Delight Limited Shop 1 & 2 Villa Plaza, Mandeville, Manchester Baked Products
122 Heavenly Natural Products  4 Orange Park, Orange Grove, Kingston 8 Sugar Cane Juice 
123 Heminics Company Limited t/a Breadmaster 30 Manchester Road, Mandeville, Manchester Baked Products
124 High Street Bakery Limited 11 High Street, Black River, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
125 Hilo Food Stores - ( St. Mary) Port Maria, St. Mary Rotisserie Chicken
126 Hilo Food Stores - (Barbican) 87 3/4 Barbican Road, Kingston 8 Rotisserie Chicken
127 Hilo Food Stores (Cross Road) 13 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5 Rotisserie Chicken
128 Hilo Food Stores - (Negril) Sunshine Village Plaza, West End Road, Negril, Westmoreland Rotisserie Chicken
129 Hilo Food Stores - (Ocho Rios) 76 Main Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Rotisserie Chicken
130 Hilo Food Stores - (Pavilion Mall) Pavilion Mall, Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 Rotisserie Chicken
131 Hilton Bakery Church Street, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
132 Hinds Bakery Santa Cruz , St. Elizabeth Baked Products
133 HomeChefs Lot 171 Stadium Gardens, Kingston 5 Wet Seasoning
134 Honey Bun (1982) Limited 85 East Street, Kingston (CSO) Baked Products
135 Honey Bun (1982) Limited 26 Retirement Crescent, Kingston 5 Baked Products
136 Honeykist Apiaries Limited 6/8 Caribbean Close, Kingston 10 Infused Honey Products
137 Hutchies Bakery 10 Musgrave Street, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann Baked Products
138 I Quench FC Enterprise 1 Parry Road, Kencot, Kingston 10 Bag Juice
139 Igor Pastry 27 Barnett Street, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
140 Imo's Pastries 136 Main Street, Seaforth P.O., St. Thomas Baked Products
141 Industrial Chemical Company Jamaica  Limited 1 Windsor Road, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Salt (Sodium Chloride)
142 International Biscuits Limited 2e Valentine Drive, Kingston 19 Cookies, Crackers
143 Intershores Limited  Barnett Street, Montego Bay, St. James Patties, Coco Bread
144 Island Best Treat 6A Greenvale Road, Mandeville Peanut Drops and Pastries
145 Island Dairies Limited Priory, St. Ann Juices, Drinks, Dairy Products 
146 Island Fruit Snacks & Desserts Lot 686, Unit#3, La Plaza, Coral Gardens, Montego Bay Sorbet
147 Isle Bites Limited Lot 1289 -Horizon Avenue Bogue Village, St. James Baked Products 
148 J3R Manufacturing Unit 11 & 12 Factories Corporation Complex, White Marl Caramel, Browning and Condiments
149 J.C. Bakery 16 Manchester Avenue, May Pen Baked Products                                                                  
150 J. Wray & Nephew Limited 234 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11  Rums, Spirits, Liqueurs and Wines
151 J. Wray & Nephew Limited, New Yarmouth Estate Gimmi-Me-Bit, Clarendon Rum
152 Jack-in-the Box  Galina, St. Mary Peanut Drops
153 Jam Agua Limited 9 Paraiso Avenue, Kingston 10 Purified Bottled Water
154 Jam Bess  Hudson Street, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Bag Drink
155 Jamaica Biscuit Company Limited 206 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11 Cookies and Crackers
156 Jamaica Citrus Growers Bog Walk, St. Catherine Juices and Drinks
157 Jamaica Exotic Flavours and Essences Company Limited  Bull Savannah , St. Elizabeth Flavours, Vegetable and Fruit Purees
158 Jamaica Flour Mills Limited 209 Windward Road, Kingston 2 Flour, Cremy Cereal and Cake Mixes
159 Jamaica Grains and Cereals Limited 3 Felix Fox Boulevard, Kingston Cornmeal, Corn Products and Cereals
160 Jamaica Nature Pastries and Juice Bounty Hall, Trelawny Baked Products
161 Jamaica Rice Milling Company Limited 209 Windward Road, Kingston 2 Rice
162 Jamaica Scientific Research Institute Units 3-4 Janvs Building, 47 Main Street, Anchovy, St. James Teabags, Tonics & Herbal Formulations
163 Jamaica Spring Water Company Limited Retreat, St. Mary Bottled Spring water
164 Jamaican Teas Limited 7-9 Norman Road, Kingston 10 Instant Tea
165 Jimmy's Pastry Products Limited 48 Jarrett St., Montego Bay Baked Products
166 John R. Wong Supermarket 1-5 Tobago Avenue, Kingston 5 Rotisserie Chicken
167 Journey's End Wine Company Limited 18 Halart Drive, Kingston 6 Wine
168 Joy D’s Pastry Hyatt Hill, Gayle, St. Mary Baked Products
169 Joyce Calder and Damian Gordon P.O. Box 11, Bluefields Westmoreland Pimento Leaf Oil
170 JP Tropical Foods Limited Annotto Bay, St. Mary Snacks
171 JR's Busta Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Confectionery 
172 Ju-Cee Barrs Limited Maroon Town, St. James Bag Juice
173 Juici Beef Limited Lot 1 Clarendon Park, Tollgate, Clarendon Baked Products
174 Juici Patties  Lot 1, Clarendon Park, Clarendon Baked Products
175 Juicy West Juices Georges Plain, Chateau Road, Westmoreland Bag Drink
176 Julie’s Kitchen Lot 449, Bellair Runaway Bay, St. Ann Irish moss and Linseed
177 Jus Foods Limited 1 Slipe Road, Kingston 5 Baked Products
178 Keith Samuels Enterprise Mike Town, Mandeville P.O. Bag Juice
179 Kershan Trading 45 Dunrobin Avenue, Kingston 10 Coconut Oil
180 K.K Pastries  2 Queen Street, Morant Bay, St. Thomas Breads, Buns and Cakes
181 K.R.B. Lea Jamaica Limited Unit #6, 69-75 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 Rum
182 K.Y's Associates Limited 15 Grove Road, Lot #9, Mandeville, Manchester Bag Juices, Bottled Drinks
183 Karmen's Bakery & Pastries Limited Shop 3 Duhaney Park Plaza, Kingston 20 Baked Products
184 Kidz Choice Gordon Crescent, Granville, St. James Bag Drink
185 King Pepper Product Limited Hague Industrial Estate, Falmouth Sauces/Chutneys
186 Kleen Manufacturing Koncepts Limited 9 Derrymore Road, Kingston 10 Bottled Water
187 L &M Pastries Lot 608 Daytona, Greater Portmore, St. Catherine Baked Products, Gizzadas
188 Labyrinth Bottling Company Labyrinth, St. Mary Spring water
189 Lacovia Pride  Lacovia P.O., St. Elizabeth Sweet Potato, Breadfruit, Carrot  and Dasheen Chips
190 Lascelles Limited 1 National Way, Lydford Packaged Oxtail
191 Lasco Manufacturing Limited 38½ Red Hills Road Kingston 10 Powdered Food and Drink Products, 
192 Laws Street Trade Training Centre 1 Laws Street, Kingston Baked Products
193 Lemon Grass Solutions Little London, Westmoreland Spices
194 Lethe Spring Water Limited Lethe, Hanover Bottled Spring Water
195 Lifespan Company Limited Lot 28, Spring Garden Portland Spring water
196 Lime Tree Garden Peanut Industry Lime Tree Garden P.A. St. Ann Peanut Punch, Salted Peanuts, Peanut Cakes and Raw Peanuts
197 Lion's Bakery Seaford Town, Westmoreland Baked Products
198 Livy's Foods (2011) Limited 10 Poormans Corner, Yallahs, St. Thomas  Baked and Fried Breadfruit, Cooked Frozen Foods (Ackee, Yam, Dasheen, Coco, Cassava Dumpling and Sweet Potato)
199 LongLife Bottlers 9 Hartford Drive, Vilmore, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Bottle Water
200 Loshusan Supermarket - (Bakery) 29 East King's House Road, Kingston 6 Baked Products and  Rotisserie (Chicken and Pork)
201 Loybar Jameric and Manufacturing Company Limited Lot 44 Grove Farm, Old Harbour, St. Catherine Bulla, Rock Bun, Chocolate Strip, Duplex Icing, Wine Cake, Icing Cake, Rum Cake, Cup Cake, Tutti Fruitti and Bread
202 Mac Juices Fustic Road, Montego Bay, St. James Fruit and Vegetable Juices
203 Mackies Peanuts 115 Cascade Avenue, White House, Ewarton, St. Catherine Peanut Cakes
204 Mama D's Spices Caledonia Road, Mandeville, Manchester Spices
205 Marathon Foods Lot 65 Belgrade Heights Kingston 19 Beverages
206 Marje Manufacturing and Marketing Company Limited 11 1/2 Burley Road, Kingston 10 Peanut Brittle
207 Maroon Pride Banana Chips Maroon Town, St. James Banana Chips
208 Master Koolers Limited 34 Manchester Road Mandeville, Manchester Bag drink
209 Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited Mavis Bank P.O. St. Andrew Green Beans and Grounded Coffee
210 McPherson Bakery Kingsvale, Hanover Baked Products
211 Meb's Snacks Knock Patrick, Manchester Confectionery
212 Mello Bammies Lydford, Golden Grove, St. Ann Bammy
213 Mi -Honey Farm Irwindale, Montego Bay, St. James Honey
214 Michael Black Farms Limited Nutts River Road, Morant Bay, St. Thomas Coconut Oil
215 Mills Pastry 13 Cassia Park Road, Kingston 10 Peanut and Greater Cake
216 Montpelier Citrus,  Montpelier Orange Juice
217 Mountain Pride Bakery Cornwall Mountain, Westmoreland Baked Products
218 Mr. Woody's Restaurant Limited 36 Passage Fort Drive, St. Catherine Baked Products
219 Musson's Jamaica Limited 227 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11 Irish Moss Drink, Carrot Juice, Baked Beans and Semola
220 Musson's Jamaica Limited - Acme Spices 4 Arnold Road, Kingston 4 Seasoning and Spices
221 My Dad's Limited Ironshore, St. James Sauces
222 N & N Distributors Bounty Hall, Trelawny Bag Drink
223 National Processors JIDC Industrial Estate, Temple Hall, St. Catherine Soup Mix, Milk, Drinks and Veggie-Meat
224 Native Food Packers Limited 5 - 9 East Road, Kingston 5 Cheese Snacks, Popcorn, Potato  and Banana Chips
225 Natural Health Bamboo District, Hopewell, Hanover Wheat Flour, Veggie Chunks, Tofu and Bulga
226 Natural Life Limited Lot 2 French Park Sub-Division, P.O. Box 1401, Spur Tree, Manchester Vegetarian Food  Products
227 Nature Treats Limited 52 Studio One Boulevard, Kingston 5 Processing of Pastries and Packaging of some Natural Products
228 Nature's Queen Bee Co-Operative Mile Gully, Manchester Bottled Honey
229 Neil's Bakery & Snack Counter Junction, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
230 Nestle Jamaica Limited Bog Walk P.O., St. Catherine Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Supligen, Milo, Malted Milk, Nesquick, UHT Milk and Juices
231 New Building Multi-Purpose Cooperative Limited New Building District, Nain Elizabeth Bammies and Baked Products
232 New Market Bakery New Market, St. Elizabeth Bread, Bun and Bulla
233 New Market Pride Bakery New Market, St. Elizabeth Buns and Bullas
234 Newtown Bakery Limited 55 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston Baked Products
235 Nice - N - Nuff Bakery 62 1/2 Windward Road, Kingston Baked Products
236 Nico Harrison & Son  Stettin, Trelawny Roots Drink
237 Nic's Pastries 27 Upper Ward Close, Kingston 8 Baked Products
238 Nutritional Products Limited 6 Marcus Garvey Drive, P.O. Box 113, Kingston 15 Baked Products, drinks and Milk
239 Nuts About Jamaica Ironshore, St. James Packaged Nuts
240 Nutts Farm Limited Nutts River Road, Morant Bay, St. Thomas Bottled Coconut Water
241 Office Supplies Brokers Limited 42 3/4 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5 Bottled Water
242 Ojay Koolers Limited 8 Walkers Road, Old Harbour P.O., St. Catherine Beverages, Bottled Water
243 Old Harbour Bay Progressive Bakery Main Street, Old Barbour Bay, St. Catherine Baked Products
244 One Acre Farms Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Bag Drink
245 Oven's Eats Salt Spring Road, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
246 Pacman Bakery & Vegetarian Restaurant  Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Baked Products
247 Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Limited- Monymusk Factory Monymusk Estate. Lionel Town P.O., Clarendon Cane Sugar and Molasses
248 Paramount Bakery Frankfield, Clarendon Baked Products
249 Peak Bottling Company Limited Cold Spring, New Castle P.A., St. Andrew Bottled Spring Water
250 Peoples Choice Bakery 20 Seaton Crescent, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Baked Products
251 People's Favorite Baking Company Limited 4 Western Park Road, May Pen P.O., Clarendon Baked Products
252 Peoples’ Delight Bakery Brighton, St. Elizabeth Bread, Bun and Bulla
253 Pepsi Cola Jamaica Bottling Company Limited 214 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11 Carbonated Beverages and Purified Water
254 Perishables Jamaica Limited 2 Leonard Road, Kingston 10 Herbs and Spices
255 Perkin's Country Style Bakery Limited Bull Savannah , St. Elizabeth Baked Products
256 Peter's Manufacturing and Sales Limited 67 Brotherton Ave, Kingston  Tamarind Balls
257 Petersfield Bakery Petersfield, Westmoreland Baked Products
258 Polrich Bakery and Natural Juices 13 Barbican Road, Kingston 6 Coconut Drops, Gizzadas, Tamarind Balls, Peanut Cake, Plantain Tart, Grater Cake and Natural Juices 
259 Poly Foods Limited 8 Elgin Road, Kingston 5 Snacks, Flavoured Water and Fruit Drink
260 Prestige Bakery Limited 159 Orange Street, Kingston  Baked Products
261 PriceSmart Jamaica Limited 111 Red Hills Road, Kingston 19 Baked Products
262 Q's Restaurant and Bakery 19 Seaton Street, P.O.  Box 133, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Bread, Bun and Bulla
263 Quess Foods Main Street, Annotto Bay, St. Mary Coconut Water
264 R & R Pastries Browns Lane, Central Village, St. Catherine Baked Products
265 R.A.D.A Twickenham Industry Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Cassava Bammy, Pancake, Flour and Pancake Syrup
266 R.S.M. Tamarind Balls Upper Mammee Bay, St. Ann Tamarind Balls
267 RADA Dasheen Chips Project Haughton Court, Lucea, Hanover Assorted Chips
268 Rainforest Seafoods Limited Montego Bay, Freeport, St. James Packaged Seafood
269 Ramble Enterprises Limited t/a Edwards Dairy  Ramble, Hanover Bottled Water, Milk and Juices
270 Ramo Banana Chips Islington, St. Mary Bag Drinks and Snacks
271 Rayo Glasford Enterprise 3 Darling Street, Kingston. Jamaica Cranberry Juice, Bay Juice and Filtered Water
272 Razz Breweries Jamaica Limited  7 Pechon Street Razz Beer, Razz Shandy and Stand up Energy Drink
273 Real Cool Juices Rosemount, Montego Bay, St. James Bag Drink
274 Red Stripe  214 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11 Brewed Beer, Stouts, Smirnoff Ice and Blended Spirits
275 Redi Fresh Bakery Salem, St. Ann Baked Products
276 Regal Bakery Limited Market Street, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
277 Reggae Max 3 Havendale Mews, Kingston 19 Fruit Cake and Potato Pudding
278 Releaza Pastries 335 Industrial Pen, Three Hills Rock Bun, Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Toto  and Coconut Drops
279 Renee Foods Limited Shop 23, Robins Plaza, Greendale, Spanish Town Frozen Coconut Cream
280 Richies Pastries 7 Bravo Street, St. Ann Baked products
281 Richview Marketing Bamboo, St. Ann Spices
282 Ripple Effect Naggo Head, Port Henderson, Portmore Herbs, Teas and Spices
283 Rock Farms Catadupa Chocolate Tea (Sticks)
284 Rocky & Strong Limited Lindoes Hill, Westmoreland Roots and Noni Drink
285 Roots of Life  1 Hall Boulevard, Kingston 8 Exotic Wine and Roots Wine
286 Rosie's Snack and Confectioneries 14 Chudleigh Avenue, Kingston 20 Peanut Brittle, Busta, Coconut Drops, Grater Cakes, Gizzadas, Peanut Cake and Coconut Biscuit
287 Roxy Industries 28-30 Standfast Road, Brown’s Town, St. Ann Roots, Bag Drink and Bag Juices
288 RST Industries Limited 18 Arnold Road, Kingston 4 Fruit Juices, Fruit Drink and Milk Based Products
289 S and F Enterprise 18 Chisholm Avenue, Kingston 13 Bag Drinks
290 S. J. S Imports and Exports Limited 15 Shenton Road, Bog Walk P.O. Pimento Leaf Oil Crude
291 S.Y. Food Ingredients Limited 13 Diamond Road, Kingston 11 Snacks
292 Salada Foods Jamaica Limited 20 Bell Road, Kingston 11 Coffee 
293 Salmon's Bakery Limited 12 St. James Street, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
294 Sam Fo Bakery Limited Main Street, Christiana, Manchester Baked Products
295 Samuel's Enterprise Mike Town, Manchester Bag drink
296 San San Banana Chips Lot 1 White River, Ocho Rios Banana Chips
297 Santa Cruz Bakery & Restaurant Limited Santa Plaza, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
298 Savoy Bakery Savoy, Christiana, Manchester Baked Products
299 Serge Island Diaries Limited Seaforth Milk, Milk Based Products, Cream, Cream Based Products, Ice Cream Mix, Soy Beverages, Fruit Drinks, Fruit Juices and Bottling of Honey 
300 Seven Rivers Herbs and Spices Company Amity District, St. Leonard P.O., Westmoreland Chocolate Balls, Dried Herbs and Spices
301 Sham Sham Heartease District, Mandeville Confectionery
302 Shamrock Enterprise Negril, Westmoreland Juices
303 Sharon's Delight Southfield,  St. Elizabeth Baked Products
304 Sharton's Multi Purpose Services 578 Farm Heights Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products, Gizzada, Cookies
305 Signature Cakes and Desserts 57 Rhyne Park, Rosehall, St. James Baked Products
306 Simple Quench Juices Dry River District, Maggoty P.O., St. Elizabeth Bag Drink
307 Sippi Ice Green Island, Hanover Bag & Bottled Juice
308 Sippity Sip 55 Miller's Drive, Lucea, Hanover Bag Drink
309 Skip De Heat Maggoty, St. Elizabeth Bag Drink
310 Smith's Bakery Whithorn, Westmoreland Bread, Bun and Bulla
311 Snack Blend 13 Cottage Close, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
312 Soares Bakery Southfield St. Elizabeth Baked Products
313 Soft Spot Bakery,  Johns Hall, St. James Baked Products
314 South Park Bakery Southfield, St. Elizabeth Baked Products
315 Sovereign Supermarket 106 Hope Road Kingston 6 Rotisserie Chicken
316 Spalding Bakery Limited Spalding, Clarendon Baked Products
317 Spar Bottling Company Limited 18 Arnold Road, Kingston 4 Purified Bottled Water
318 Spicy Nice Bakery Main Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Baked Products
319 Spike Industries Limited 99 Windward Road, Kingston 2 Soy Beverages, Bottled Water, Fruit Juices, Fruit Juice Drink, Bag Drink, Flavoured Drink and Water
320 Sphinx Honey and Molasses Lot 149c Cedar Plaza, Portmore, St. Catherine Honey and Molasses
321 St Bess Preserves Lewis Town, St. Elizabeth Noni Juice, Spices, Cakes
322 St. Bess 100% Coconut Water Middlesex, St. Elizabeth Bottled Coconut Water
323 St. Bess Koolers Black River, St. Elizabeth Bag Drink
324 St. James Bakery Barnett Street, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
325 Stanley Hew Wing Bakery Hopewell, Hanover Baked Products
326 Stansam's  Bammies Nain, St. Elizabeth Bammies and Baked Products
327 Steve’s Pastries Summer Hill, Brown’s Town, St. Ann Baked Products
328 Successors Limited Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Syrup, Bag Drink
329 Summer Bounce Bag Drink 17 Tiverton Avenue, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Bag Drink
330 Sun Valley Coconut Water Crescent, St. Mary Coconut water
331 Sunshine Bakery Since 1954 Albert Town, Trelawny Baked Products
332 Super Grow Farms and Agri Processors Limited Grange Hill, Westmoreland Bag Drink
333 Super Value Supermarket Bakery 56 Mannings Hill Road, Kingston19 Baked Products
334 Supreme Pastry Irwin District, Sign, St. James Baked Products
335 Sure Fresh Distributors,  Catharine Hall , Montego Bay, St. James Bag Juice
336 Sweet N Natural Limited 9 Catherine Drive, Queen Hill Kingston 19 Bottled Coconut Water
337 Sweet Tings Manufacturing Company Limited 99 Princess Street, Kingston  Baked Products
338 Tan Tan Top Taste Bakery 23 Dalling Street, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Baked Products
339 Taps Cooling Content Adelphi P.O. Bag Drink
340 Taste Buds Haven Heartease District, Mandeville, Manchester Confectionery
341 Taste Whirl Pastries Anchovy St. James Baked Products
342 Tasty Treat Bakery & Restaurant Main Street, Christiana, Manchester Baked Products
343 The Pastry & Cake Shoppe Wiltshire, Trelawny Pastries
344 Tiger Wong Bakery Grange Hill, Westmoreland Bread, Bun and Bulla
345 Time & Patience Bakery & Pastry   6 Barnett Lane, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
346 Time & Patience Bakery 44 Railway  Lane, Montego Bay, St. James Baked Products
347 T.L's All Natural All Healthy Governor’s Pen, Gayle, St. Mary Beet Juice, Callaloo Punch, Irish Moss and Okra Slide
348 Ton-Rick Enterprises Limited Factories Cooperation Complex, Poormans Corner, Yallahs, St. Thomas Seafood Products
349 Top Loaf Bake Shops Limited 23 Manchester Road, Mandeville, Manchester Baked Products
350 Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake Jamaica Limited Reading, Montego Bay, St. James Rum Cakes and Ice Cream
351 Trade Winds Citrus Limited Bog Walk P.O., St. Catherine Beverages, Concentrates
352 Trelawny Delight Duncans, Trelawny Bag Drink
353 Trevor Forever Friendship, Strawberry P.O., Westmoreland Peanut Brittle
354 Triple B Enterprise Limited. Hatfield District, Manchester Bag Drink
355 Triple E. Foods Bannister, Old Harbour P.O., St. Catherine Banana Chips, Pastries, Callaloo, Bammy, Tamarind Ball and Juices
356 Typical Native Lot 150, Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Jackass Corn and Biscuit
357 U.L.I. Enterprise Shop #32 James Warehouse & Shopping Centre, Mandeville, Manchester Juices & Drinks
358 Unique Organic Products New Road District, Cambridge, St. James Curry, Herbs
359 Victory Bakery Mt. Industry Baked Products
360 Vita Punch & Pastries Hague District Banana Bread, Peanut Cake, Coconut Cake, Carrot Cake and Gizzarda
361 W & W Spice Marketing 22 Buchan Avenue, Duhaney Park, Kingston 20  Herbs, Spices, Molasses, Dandelion Powder and Herbal Seasoning
362 Western Bottlers Limited Barnett Street, Montego Bay, St. James Bottled Flavoured Water
363 Western Industry Limited Petersfield, Westmoreland Food Drink
364 White Hall Apiaries Giddy Hall, Whitehall, St. Elizabeth Natural and Flavoured Honey
365 Williams' Pastry Wilberforce, Brown’s Town, St. Ann Baked Products
366 Winsome's Bakery Comma Pen , St. Elizabeth Baked Products
367 Wisynco Group Limited P.O. Box 357, White Marl Industrial Complex, St. Catherine Carbonated Beverages, Purified and Flavoured Bottled Water, Non-Carbonated Beverages
368 Worthy Park Estate Limited - Distillery  Worthy Park Estate, Lluidas Vale, Ewarton P. O, St. Catherine Distilled and Aged Alcohol
369 Young Sang Bakery Limited 18 South Street, Morant Bay P.O., St. Thomas Baked Products
370 Zion Cool Elgin Town, Hanover Bag Drink
371 Zion Organic Roots Inc. Limited Jericho District, Linstead , St. Catherine Roots Drinks



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