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Jamaica has become the 38th member of INBAR
Published Date :- 13/04/12

Jamaica has become the 38th member of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).

On 5th April 2012 the Jamaican flag was raised in Beijing and the news of Jamaica’s accession to INBAR has been placed on its website at http://www.inbar.int/show.asp?BoardID=98&NewsID=828

INBAR Hoists Jamaican Flag
INBAR is an inter-governmental organization headquartered in China, comprising countries that have Bamboo and/or Rattan resources in  quantities that can be commercialized. Through its network of member countries, organizations and individuals from all continents of the world, INBAR develops and assist in the transfer of appropriate technologies and solutions to benefit the peoples of the world and their environment.
The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has been designated by the Ministry of Industry Investment and Commerce (MIIC) to be the focal point for INBAR in Jamaica. The BSJ has already received technology transfer documents that have assisted us in producing prototypes of bamboo plywood, bamboo flooring, bamboo board, bamboo knives, bamboo spoons and other engineered bamboo products using our local variety of bamboo (bambusa vulgaris).
To date the BSJ has also received information on one hundred and twenty two (122) Chinese bamboo and rattan products standards which will help us to rapidly develop our own Jamaican standards and ultimately create a modern standards-led (quality) bamboo products industry.

Please contact Mr. Gladstone Rose for further information.

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