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Introduction to Cleaning and Sanitation 

Course Description

Good cleaning and sanitation program and supporting team are fundamental to the production of safe food. This course introduces participants to the elements of cleaning and sanitation that are vital to implementing an effective program for the production of safe food. 

This course, designed for sanitation managers, supervisors and personnel who are new to supervising the sanitation function or who need a refresher in basic sanitation.  It gives an introduction to the best practices for developing, implementing and maintaining an effective sanitation program for the food handling environment.

Sanitation Course Outline

  • Distinguish between cleaning and sanitation

  • Terms and definitions

  • General Cleaning

  • Factors affecting cleaning

  • Steps in cleaning

  • Cleaning chemicals-

    • general rules

    •  dispensing methods

    • Additives

  • Types of soils and cleaners

  • Cleaning and sanitation equipment

  • Types of cleaning

  • Storage of chemicals

  • Safe handling of chemicals

  • PPE

  • Training requirements

  • Developing a sanitation programme

  • Documenting a sanitation programme

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