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Welcome to Jamaica's WTO/TBT; National Enquiry Point

In order to export successfully, manufacturers and exporters must know what the current standards, technical requirements and conformity assessments are in their export and target markets, as well as be aware of any new relevant standards or proposed changes to existing standards. Failure to meet standards and requirements, might result in products being returned or dumped, or in poor sales in the export market. To help ensure that this information is readily available in an easy to access manner, the World Trade Organization, through the Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT), requires that all members establish National Enquiry Points (NEP).

The role of an enquiry point includes: responding to questions from other WTO members regarding technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures; managing incoming comments on notified measures and providing relevant information and documents with respect to the above, including proposed and adopted technical regulations, standards, conformity assessment procedures. The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has been designated the WTO/TBT National Enquiry Point of Jamaica under the WTO's Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement.

The objective of the BSJ WTO/TBT National Enquiry Point Portal, however, is not simply to meet the requirements outlined in the TBT Agreement, but also to provide value-added services to BSJ's clients. To this end, this portal also offers useful information on the WTO; access to global National Enquiry Points and notifications on draft technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures relevant to Jamaican manufacturers.


Role of the BSJ TBT National Enquiry Point

  • Dissemination of National Notifications - Posting national TBT notifications on WTO-TBT portal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT) serves as the National Notification Authority, issuing notifications to the WTO secretariat;

  • Dissemination of Relevant International Notifications - Obtaining, compiling and posting TBT notifications and supporting information from WTO members relevant to Jamaican manufacturers and exporters;

  • Responding to Enquiries from WTO Members - Responding to enquiries on technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures from both national and international businesses;

  • Responding to Enquiries from Stakeholders – Responding to enquiries with respect to export requirements – technical requirements, standards and conformity assessment procedures - in international markets;

  • Providing Information to WTO Members - Providing information and documents to WTO members concerning proposed and adopted technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures;

  • Providing Information to Stakeholders – Providing information and tools on the WTO, Technical Barriers to Trade, contact information of National Enquiry Points of WTO members and international export requirements;

  • Managing Comments - Managing comments received from WTO members on TBT notifications;

  • Obtaining Information – Obtaining information from National Enquiry Points of WTO Members as necessary;

  • Publishing Bi-Annual Work Programme;

  • Providing Technical Advice - The BSJ provides technical advice to the government on TBT issues, particularly in relation to the negotiation of trade agreements.

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