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Introduction to Food Defence

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to Food Defence.  All organisations recognize the increasing need to demonstrate and provide adequate evidence of their ability to protect food from acts of intentional and unintentional adulteration

Regardless of whether a company is certified to HACCP or ISO 22000, customers are increasingly requesting that sites also practice food defence measures. The GFSI schemes (FSSC 22000, BRC, and SQF) do require food defence as part of compliance to their standard. Food exports to the USA also need to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which includes intentional adulteration (IA).

Also, this course provides the participant with the option of joining day 2 of our face-to-face classroom session to draft a food defence plan for their facility using the FDA’s Food Defence Plan Software and gain other valuable information at an additional cost.

Target Audience

Professionals working in food supply chain that would like a basic understanding of Food Defence.

Course Objectives

  • To provide an overview of Food Defence.

  •  Highlight the importance of ensuring that food defence plans are implemented.

  • To provide a brief summary of the FDA Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule.

Learning Outcome

Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Be able to provide your team with an overview of the requirement relating to food defence;

  • Gain an understanding of why food defence is critical to your “brand”;

  • Gain an understanding of the different types of threats, motivations and opportunities of potential attackers within the food sector.

Course Content

Module 1-Food Defence Basics:

  • Farm to Fork Concept

  • The Value of Food Defence

  • Definitions

  • Assessments

  • Food Safety vs Food Defence

Module 2- FDA’s Intentional Adulteration Rule (21 CFR Part 121):

  • Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule

  • Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule Exemptions

  • Summary of the Major Provisions of the Final Rule

Module 3-Threats:

  • Food Supply Chain Threats

  • Potential Sources & Impacts of Intentional Adulteration

  • Malicious Contamination Samples

  • Understanding the Attacker

Module 4-First Line of Defence-Front Line Workers:

  • ALERT Initiative

  • Employees FIRST Initiative

Module 5-Establishing a Food Defence Team & Other Information

  • Assessing the Threat

  • Layers of Food Defence

  • Establishing a Food Defence Team

  • Developing Written Policies and Programmes

Module 6-Mitigation Strategies:

  • Mitigation Strategy: Bakery

  • Mitigation Strategy-Packaging Material: Cans/Bottles

  • Mitigation Strategy-Refrigerated Storage

  • Mitigation Strategy-Facilities


Prior knowledge of good manufacturing practices (GMPs), HACCP, or experience with food safety systems, is recommended.

Format: Web-based

Internet-based, self-paced training modules, which may involve combinations of text, visuals, audio, interactive simulations and quizzes.  These web-based courses require a computer and Internet access.

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