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The Jamaican Standards Network (JSN) is a quarterly fora used by the BSJ to discuss standards related information of national interest with stakeholders and the general public. It also provides an excellent opportunity to get feedback and comments on standardization matters and policy frameworks that embrace trade, health, safety and environmental initiatives.

This network of persons from various organizations in Jamaica, work together to ensure the development of national standards, as well as standards that can be submitted for consideration as Regional and/or International Standards.


  • Facilitate information transfer for the development of standards

  • Ensure industry players are sensitive to the dynamics of the global environment

  • Respond quickly to market situations

  • Remove the technical barriers so as to facilitate trade

Benefits of Membership in JSN

  • Opportunity for organizations to submit their own standards for consideration as National standards

  • Opportunity to identify duplication and overlap of standards work and hence reduce the potential for conflicting standards

  • Opportunity to promote harmonization of standards within a sector

  • Opportunity to identify where co-operation is possible across different sectors

Activities of JSN members

  • Review existing sector / industry standards to identify the ones that are desired to be promulgated as National standards

  • Review existing legislations to determine if any other standards are needed as support

  • Review sector / industry practices to identify where there is need for new standards

  • Involvement in Technical Committees and standards-related activities for example, World Standards Day (WSD) and the National Quality Awards (NQA)

  • Identify areas of national interest where Technical Regulations could be needed

  • Identify National standards to be proposed as Regional or International Standards

  • Review and provide comments on WTO trade notifications

  • Participate in the development of International Standards

Key benefits

  • Industry concerns addressed early in the process of standards development

  • Industry poised to become leaders in activities aimed at preventing barriers to trade

  • Early access to information which results in pro-activity in business

  • Reduced costs for technical expertise and information which results in increased productivity and profits

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Bureau of Standards Jamaica
6 Winchester Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 618-1534, (876) 632-4275


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