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This page will provide you with links to all the resources you may need with regards to your export efforts

Product-Related Fact Sheets

The below is a partial list of CBI Product-Specific Fact Sheets. Over 350 of these fact sheets have been developed in a wide range of categories, including both products (food and non-food), as well as services. To access the full listing of fact-sheets visit the CBI website, Market Information page. 30 fact sheets relevant to Jamaican manufacturers are listed below.

Requirements Fact Sheets

The Export Helpdesk provides numerous Requirements Fact Sheets to help break down the requirements in an easy to understand manner. These are 1-3 page briefs that should serve as a starting point. 15 Fact Sheets, relevant to Jamaica exporters, have been provided below. A more comprehensive list can be accessed here.

Key Legislation

A good place to start with respect to food and feed safety is by becoming familiar with the General Food Law Regulation (Regulation EC No 178/2002), which is the foundation of food and feed law in the EU. The General Food Law Regulation outlines the general principles, requirements and procedures related to all stages of food and feed production and distribution. The Regulation on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs (Regulation EC No 852/2004) is another important regulation that details requirements after primary production, including the incorporation of procedures based on HACPP principles. Complementary to this, is Regulation EC No 853/2004, which lays down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin. Regulation EU No 1169/2011 establishes the general principles, requirements and responsibilities governing food information, and in particular food labeling. Plant Health Directive outlines requirements that prevent the introduction of organisms harmful to plants or plant products or their spread in the EU. It covers fruits and vegetables, as well as many other areas. Directive 2001/95/EC outlines the general principals of product safety and requires firms to ensure that items on sale are safe and to take corrective action when that is found not to be the case.

Caribbean Export Food Portal

Caribbean Export Development Agency fosters trade and investment in the region. In effect, the organization endeavours  to position the region more effectively in the world economy. To this end, one of the efforts undertaken by the organization has been the development of a "Food Portal". The Caribbean Export Food Portal provides stakeholders in the specialty food sector (bakery products, beverages, herbs and spices) with support in exporting their products. The portal provides simple and concrete steps for exporters and includes information such as entry requirements, as well as copies of relevant forms and documents to familiarize exporters with the process. The portal includes a comprehensive manual outlining the process of exporting food-based items to the European Union. Caribbean Export also provides other useful resources such as: 10 Steps to ExportingExport Passport: Ready, Set, Export!  and the Food Export Continuum.

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