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Technical Requirements

Goods imported into the EU must meet the technical requirements in order to protect consumers. The main requirements can be classified into the following categories: product safety, technical standardization, packaging and labeling. More information on the below can be found under Resources.

  • Product Safety

    Exporters to the EU must ensure that products comply with the general safety requirements. They must equally inform consumers of any risks that a product may pose and of any precautions that should be taken when utilizing the product. Products must bear information that will enable them to be traced back to the manufacturer. Relevant national authorities must be notified if it is discovered that a product is dangerous.

  • Packaging

    Packaging materials used for goods being marketed in the EU marketed must meet the environmental and health requirements. This included general rules on packaging and packaging waste, special rules for packaging that comes into contact with foodstuffs, and special rules for packaging made out of wood or other plant material.

  • Labelling

    Products marketed in the EU must also meet the EU labelling requirements. These requirements have been developed to protect consumers’ health, safety and interests and provide product information (content, composition, safe use, precautions, etc.) that will result in informed purchasing decisions.

  • Technical Standardization

    Products entering the EU must meet the essential general health and safety requirements. The adoption of technical specifications laid down in EU harmonized standards are voluntary.
    Manufacturers in Jamaica who wish to sell their products in the EU must design and manufacture products that comply with all applicable requirements and provide evidence that the products they manufacture have been subjected to the required conformity assessment procedures.
    They must also appoint an authorized representative established in the EU to act on their behalf.


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