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Sanitation & Pest Control

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Duration: Sixteen (16) hours delivered over two (2) days.

Cost: $30,000 per person + GCT

Description: The two-day course is intended to provide participants with knowledge to implement a Sanitation & Pest Control programme in a food processing establishment.

Day 1: Technical food safety requirements for Sanitation and Pest Control   

Day 2:  The safety aspects of handling and use of pesticides - Pesticide Control Authority (PCA)

Identification of pests; prevention and control of pest infestation, etc. (Storage & Infestation Division)

Course Objective:

To provide the participants with knowledge to implement a Sanitation and Pest Control Programme which will;

  • Meet the requirements for food safety and satisfy the relevant regulatory bodies eg. The Bureau of Standards of Jamaica, Ministry of Health

  • Will satisfy customer requirements

  • Will not result in the contamination of the food produced

At the end of the training session participants should:    

  • Know the basic sanitation and pest control procedures required in food establishments to assure production of safe food

  • Be able to maintain a pest–free environment in which to produce the food

  • Know how to generate and maintain the relevant documentation

  • Know cleaning basics, information on cleaners and sanitizers

  • Know which pesticides are safe for use in a food processing plant

  • Gain hands-on knowledge of pesticides and their proper control and use

  • Know measures to be implemented to prevent cross contamination

Who should attend?

  • Line staff in food processing establishments

  • Sanitation workers

  • Food Service Managers or Supervisors

  • Retail Food Store Managers & Supervisors

Course Outline:

Pests of Food and Food Establishments

1)    Stored product pests

2)    Cockroaches, flies and ants

3)    Rodents

4)    Other pests, e.g. birds, lizards


1)    Types of pesticides

2)    Active ingredients of pesticides used in food areas

3)    Understanding the pesticide label

Pest Management Methods

1)    Sanitation and proofing

2)    Chemical and non-chemical pest management methods

3)    Record keeping

Module 4 - Inspection & Food Storage

1)    The FSPI Act & Regulations

2)    Inspection techniques

3)    Food storage and handling

4)    Record keeping

The training process:

1. Lectures 

2. Questions — Ask the trainer and of each other; there is no such thing as a dumb question!

3. Workshops (demonstrations and role play) — Participate in the process, apply the lessons taught and practice the skills learned.

N.B. A certificate ofparticipation will be issued within 30 days of training activity.

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